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There are two ways to complete an inspection application.
Click the Application button below to complete and email the form online. This requires Adobe Acrobat Reader and an email program like Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail on a Mac.

To see the interactive fields in Acrobat, you may need to click "Highlight Fields" in the interactive form fields bar that appears above the document in the Acrobat tool bar. There are both standard and required fields in the application.
or You may also complete the document, save it, and print or email it.
Print & Fax
Click on the button below to open and print the application. Complete it manually and return it to us by fax at: (859) 746-9124.
Online Application
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Electric Inspection Online Application Instructions

            Welcome to Electric Inspections' online applications. The online applications are for electrical applications only, not plan reviews. This form can be completed online and printed and faxed, emailed if you are using a email application or saved and emailed as an attachment.

            Please complete and save a copy of each submitted application for your records.

To email, send from our Contact Page and select Applications from the department drop down box.

            Applications will be processed as they are received. We will forward the electrical permit number to you. The electrical permit number can be used for online scheduling and job tracking.


The online permit is divided into seven sections. Please complete each section carefully.

1. Check whether the job is for a residential project or non-residential project.

2. Enter the date the application is being applied for.

3. Enter the building permit number that has been issued for the job if it has already been issued.

Section "A"

1. Enter the applicants name, address, city, state, zip and phone number.

2. Enter the builder or owner name, address, city, state, zip and phone number.

3. Enter the name of the project, tenant, business, etc. if known, address the site is located, city, state, zip and phone number if known.

Section "B"

1. Enter a description of the work being performed. Some examples would be such as: new home, tenant finish, sign, service upgrade, finished basement, pool wiring and bonding etc.

2. Enter the contact persons' name and email address.

3. Check the box if this application is for a single family dwelling.

4. Enter the total square feet of the single family dwelling. This is based off the footprint of the house, plus the finished areas in the basement and the other floors. If this is an addition, it is based off the footprint of the addition plus the finished areas of the basement and other floors and the finished areas of the existing building.

            If this is a finished basement, it would be the area of the finished basement.

5. If this is a two family, check this option.

6. If it is an apartment building, check this option and provide the total number of units,
including the house.

7. For other, enter a description of the building.

8. Enter the contractor license number if an electrical contractor, occupational license number for the area the work is being completed in, lot and job number if known and the estimated value of the job, including all material and equipment supplied by others.

Section "C"

1. Check the types of inspections that are being requested.

Section "D"

1. Complete the wiring information for the work being performed. Complete all applicable items for the work being performed.

Section "E"

1. Check the appropriate box for a cash account or charge account.

2. Check whether a temporary release is requested for the permanent service.

3. Enter the utility company if a release is required to the utility.

4. Enter the request dates of inspection or enter "will call" and the total number of inspections requested.

Section "G"

1. Enter or sign your name. The application is now complete. Please save a copy for your records.


            You may now finish and email your application if you are using an email application like Outlook, or:

            Print and fax the application to (859) 746-9124, or

            Print to PDF and save or save a copy and email as an attachment:

            From our Contact Page and select Applications from the Department drop down, and include any instructions or other information that may be needed to complete the application.

            After we receive your application, we will contact you with our electrical permit number and an invoice if you are a cash customer. The payment can be paid online HERE, called in and paid by credit card over the phone, mailed, or dropped off at the office.

            Thank you for using the online application. Completed examples are available for your reference. If there are any questions, please Contact Us.